Automate your Business Process using workflow

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Business Process Workflow

Automate your Business Process using workflow



Suitable for Any Business Process Workflow

Automate anything requiring a form

Vacation requests, Purchase Orders, Admissions Forms, Project Initiation Plans, Case Management. virtually any business process can be automated.



Involve Anyone in a workflow: Customers, Suppliers or Employees

Assign Steps to Users, Roles, or Email Addresses. Assignees may login in order to participate in workflows



Improve Communication and Reduce Confusion

Fewer phone calls and follow-up emails

Stop micro-managing. Keep everyone in the loop. Help internal teams focus more on the task and less on the process. Make it easy for customers, employees and suppliers to participate in the workflow.



Audit Trail

Track everything

Keep track of who did what and when in the detailed Timeline and Activity Log. Includes comments, timestamps and step and status information.



Scheduling & Expiration

Set deadlines and control timing

Delay a workflow step until a specified date or until a specified period of time has elapsed; particularly useful when configuring a series of emails to drip feed content over a period of time.

Sample Workflow Chart



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Article Written By:  Ogonna Ifepe for Wapsoft