How to cancel update and shutdown windows

Usually windows update is automatically set to true on your PC. What this means is that the systems pulls update or downloads update on your system and tries by default to install this update on the next shutdown or restart.

That is why when you try to shutdown your system, you hardly find the shutdown option. What is available to you are either “Update and Restart” and “Update and Shutdown

Try to shutdown the system using windows graphical user interface (Type: ALT + F4)

Now in order to bypass this, do the following:
Open Control panel ( or type: Windows + R and enter “Control panel” without the quotes

Then click on Power Options

Then click on the option “Choose what the power buttons do”




As shown above, ensure you select the option shutdown when on battery or when it is plugged to a power source. By doing so each time you press the power button of your system it shuts down immediately without trying to update.

Note: This is different from hard shutdown (pressing the power button for long until it shuts down). This is usually not advisable to do, so a soft shutdown as explained above is advisable. Also you will have to find time to install these updates at a later or convenient time, as the updates have been downloaded.


Option 2

How to shutdown windows from command prompt

To shut down the system via the command prompt please do the following:

Open cmd as an administrator

from the prompt type:

shutdown  /s     

This will automatically shutdown your system.


Article Written By:  Ogonna Ifepe for Wapsoft Technologies Enterprise

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